Tlaquepaque Visitor's Guide
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Tours in and around Tlaquepaque

Guachimontones There are many fascinating places to visit not far from Tlaquepaque Centro. 


Points of interest in the Guadalajara metropolitan area are...

  Guadalajara Centro Histórico (15 minutes by bus or taxi). The “Tapatio Tour", a red tour bus with an open upper deck, takes riders from Tlaquepaque to Guadalajara’s Rotonda de los Jalisciences Ilustres. There passengers can get off the bus, tour downtown Guadalajara at their leisure, and then board the next Tapatio Tour bus back to Tlaquepaque or catch a bus for either of Tapatio Bustwo other Tapatio Tours—one to Zapopan and another to points of interest in Guadalajara. Each returns to the Rotonda de los Jalisciences Ilustres, where you can catch a bus back to Tlaquepaque.

A more relaxed tour can be had from a horse drawn carriage. One service, Calandria de Carlos, will even pick you up in Tlaquepaque and give you a custom-designed tour.

(15 minutes by bus or taxi), like Tlaquepaque, is famous for its handicraft markets. On Thursdays and Sundays, visitors crowd into Tonalá in search of low prices.
Beyond Guadalajara: Various tour operators (such as GDL Tours) and individual tour guides (such as José Orozco's GuideWorks) can take you to the following destinations or any others that interest you.  Some options...

Tequila town (1 hour), is famous for its many distilleries, several of which offer free tours and have sales rooms.

Lake ChapalaLake Chapala (1 hour), the largest lake in Mexico, is surrounded by mountains.  Some lakeside towns, such as Ajijic and Chapala, have large expatriate communities.

(1 hour), is the site of archaeological ruins from an ancient pre-Hispanic culture, with unusual round, stepped pyramids, as well as rectangular structures and ball courts (see photo above).

Puerto Vallarta (4-5 hours) is one of Mexico’s premier beach resorts. Buses leave Guadalajara frequently for Puerto Vallarta, as well as the many smaller, less famous Pacific coast beaches.