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What's the weather like in Tlaquepaque?
Evening SkylineIn the opinion of many visitors, Tlaquepaque has nearly perfect weather.

Because the Guadalajara area sits on Mexico’s high, central plateau (Tlaquepaque’s elevation is 5454 feet, or 1660 meters), temperatures are mild all year long: January, the coolest month, has an average high of 75 F (24 C) and low of 44 F (7 C); and for May, the warmest month, the high is 89 f (32C), the low 57 F (14 C).

Tlaquepaque usually receives only 36 inches (91 cm) of rain per year, most of it between June and September, which explains why the summer months are somewhat cooler than late spring.

Annual climate information for the Tlaquepaque/Guadalajara area is available here.
During the rainy season, great cumulous clouds often pile up in the mountains west of Tlaquepaque and bring a late afternoon shower—or downpour! The sky typically clears by sunset, and all is refreshed and clean.
The current forecast for Tlaquepaque is here.  Right now, the temperature at the Guadalajara airport is...